First Visit to the East African Rift

Geoffrey King and Geoff Bailey made a first visit to the Kenyan Rift between 11 February and 6 March.

The visit was made in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya and sponsored by the British Institute in Eastern Africa.

The purpose of the visit was to make a preliminary reconnaissance and assessment of Rift landscapes and to plan future research.

The trip involved a tour of key areas of the rift extending from Lake Turkana in the north via the Baringo, Nakuru, Naivasha corridor to Lake Magadi in the south, and took in a number of classic sites including Koobi Fora, Kariandusi and Olorgesailie.

Image shows (L. to R.) Geoff Bailey, Geoff King, Abdikadir Kurewa, Alex Napir and Fabian Lekesike studying satellite images at the Koobi Fora Museum