Robyn Inglis attends MedFLOOD 2015 workshop

Robyn Inglis attended the 2015 meeting of the INQUA-funded MedFLOOD Project, held in Istria, 15-19th October.

The meeting was based in Trieste, Italy, and the workshop took in the Croatian, Slovenian and Italian coastlines over three days of field visits, encompassing areas from the steep karst of the Istrian peninsula to the low-lying alluvial plains and lagoons of the Friulan and Venetian Plains. The workshop focussed on the challenges for reconstruction of past submerged shorelines and sea level markers from these diverse environments.

The MedFLOOD project brings together archaeologists, Quaternary scientists and geologists from around the Mediterraean to explore and discuss markers and records of past and future sea level in the Mediterranean Sea.

More about MedFLOOD project can be found here