DISPERSE at the 2nd Jeddah International Workshop on the Red Sea

Members of DISPERSE made a number of presentations at the Jeddah Workshop held between 14th and 18th February.

The workshop was organised by the Saudi Geological Survey on the topic of 'The Geological Setting, Oceanography and Environment of the Red Sea' and brought together an international group of scientists covering topics across a wide range including rifting, ocean spreading, volcanism, palaeoenvironments, biology, wildlife, archaeology, conservation and pollution.

DISPERSE members who contributed papers included Abdullah Alsharekh, Geoff Bailey, Maria Geraga, Niklas Hausmann, Robyn Inglis, Garry Momber, Najeeb Rasul, Dimitris Sakellariou, David Sanderson and Anthony Sinclair. Click here for details of the Final Program